Thursday, December 13

Beautiful & Easy... just what I was hoping for!

They say it's the most wonderful time of the year, and I completely agree! I love gift giving and the gifts I love to give most are homemade, thoughtful, and beautiful. These forced paperwhites are just the ticket to my way of thinking. They are easy to put together, don't cost much, and I don't know anyone who wouldn't be happy to receive these. Let's get started...
 I picked up vases at my local thrift shop for a couple of dollars, grabbed three bags of rocks at the Dollar Store, and bought paperwhite bulbs at Armstrongs Garden Center.
Once home I put the few items needed out. Start by placing about 3 inches of stones in the bottom of each vase so that they sat fairly evenly. I find the height of tall vases helps to support the tall stalks of the paperwhites. Arranged the bulbs so that they have good contact with the stones, root side down obviously {{wink}}. 
 While their little shoots are a bit askew in the beginning, they will quickly straighten themselves out as they start to grow and reach for the sun.
 You'll want to keep the water level so that it just touches the root base of the bulbs. Kids especially love watching the roots grow and wrap around the pebbles. Be sure and use clear glass that allows you to monitor the water level, as you need the water to hit the root base, but do not want your bulbs covered in water or you'll risk them rotting. All that's left is to place these in a sunny window. Don't forget to check the water level each day; they'll get really thirsty once they take off.
Here are a few I've started for family, and two that I started for us just three weeks ago. They'll get their bows before I gave them away. That tall girl is 32" tall and smells divine! The smaller one was started the same day, and is a petite one... but I don't mind. I hope you'll try forcing bulbs if you haven't done it before. They are beautiful and now you see how easy they are to create and give!

Friday, December 7


If you're local to southern California I hope to see you at Gilding the Lily for our Holiday Celebration. We'll have all new jewelry kits, ornament kits, and you can even try your hand at Silver Art Clay with Cindy Gonzales right on the spot! As expected Lily looks stunning dressed in her holiday best!
Hope to see you there!

Gilding the Lily. 305 N Harbor Blvd, Ste 101. Fullerton, CA.

Sunday, December 2

Thankfully looking forward

Well, I wasn't as successful at posting everyday in November as I had hoped to be, but I'm glad I challenged myself just the same! My goal was to be a more regular blogger, and I guess in some small way I did that.
I just read about Ali Edwards December Daily concept here, and think I may give that a try. I haven't completely read the details... but I like the idea of taking a-photo-a-day to capture in pictures my month of December 2012. I think it's something doable, and that it would be a fun way to record what my days look like right now. That being said, here is a snap from yesterday, December 1st.
I had three of my girlfriends over for a little Christmas cheer, a yummy lunch and a creative playdate! I love these women and the friendship we share, as well as our love of all things art related. The above are the personalized Christmas ornaments we made. Because of the antique, red, embroidered sash I had for us to cut up, we all managed to look like we were dressed for a parade as one of the girls said. It was a crazy great day, and I'm so glad we could be together! So... that's how I spent the first day of December. Here's hoping I can get the memories into a book pronto!

Wednesday, November 21

Thankful day 21

Thankful day 21... yesterday I had an amazing experience. I won't bore you with what it was as it's not important to anyone but me. But it made an impression on me and got me thinking how thankful I am for all of the experiences I have had.
Many years ago I meet Wendy Addison when I attended one of her Holiday Open Houses in Port Costa, CA. It is her magical, beautiful studio that she opens each year before the holidays. I think everyone should visit at least once.

Thanks for sharing your wares and your process Wendy! You truly are an inspiration!

Monday, November 19

Thankful day 19

Thankful to have the shopping done,
and looking forward to having family and new friends for dinner on Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13

Thankful day 13

Man oh man, am I thankful for Pinterest! The only annoying thing is that you have to request an invite to join, or at least you did when I joined. Not exactly sure how it works, mine took a couple of days to come through. But do it, it's worth it... I promise! I have found so many great things like tonights dinner, Homemade Chicken Pot Pie. Here's the recipe...

2-3 lbs. chicken breast, cooked and shredded
2 (12 oz) packages your favorite frozen mixed vegetables, thawed
2 (10 3/4 oz) cans cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup chicken broth
1 cup bisquick baking mix
1/2 cup milk
1 stick butter, melted

Arrange chicken in the bottom of an ungreased 9" x 13" pan; set aside. Mix veggies with soups and broth, and pour over chicken. Combine biscuit mix, milk & butter, and spread over veggie mixture.

Bake at 375' for one hour.
Let sit for 10 minutes and serve.

Monday, November 12

Thankful day 12

Today I'm working on a few Christmas projects for an upcoming event at Gilding the Lily. I'm am so thankful to have something festive & fun to look forward to. Oh, the planning and planning is fantastic! I'll share more soon....

Saturday, November 10

Thankful day 10

Today I'm thankful to be working on a few Christmas projects thanks to a few talented, generous artists who freely share their work and have helped to teach me this fun, easy medium. So refreshing, and so nice! I learning to do needlepunch via e-mail with Rebecca Lindquist who does beautiful work, and these great videos....

Wednesday, November 7

Thankful day 7

I'm truly thankful for the great job I've had for almost 10 years... this is the view! Bad economy, country going downhill.. I think not!

Tuesday, November 6

Thankful day 6

Today I am thankful for my right to vote! Had I been born 100 years ago, I wouldn't have had that right, today I do. I'm thankful for those who fight for what's fair and right, and for the fair rights of us all. Where ever you stand, what ever you believe get out and VOTE!

Monday, November 5

Thankful day 5

Today I'm thankful for the time and inspiration to create. There are some days where everything comes together perfectly and I get a lot done. Yesterday was just that day. I worked on four different Christmas projects, and then finished this little iPad case for myself. I used a canvas I painted this summer while on vacation with two of my girlfriends. You can see the original cases here...

Sunday, November 4

Thankful for Sundays!

Oh how I love a good Sunday; it's quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. This time of year there is nothing better than lingering in bed with a cup of coffee, the Sunday paper, and an old black & white movie playing in the background. Later today football will be my background music and though I don't really watch, I love the sound of football on TV. 
It's the little things that make life enjoyable, don't you think?

Saturday, November 3

Thankful day 3

Today I'll cheer Ethyn on in the next round of Pop Warner Championship Games. Last weekend his team won the Orangebowl. I'm so happy for him, and I'm thankful for all the men in his life that also cheer him on!

Friday, November 2

Thankful day 2

So thankful for this little one, and to be spending the day with her!

Thursday, November 1


When I've been gone from my blog as long as I have been, I struggle with where to begin. And so... I'll just start. My intension is to post something I'm thankful for every day this month in anticipation and honor of Thanksgiving. Hopefully that will kickstart regular posts as a way to record where I've been, where I'm going, and what's currently filling my days.
Today I'm thankful for Girls Night Out. Every Thursday for the past five years I've gotten together with girlfriends. Not so much as a traditional night of drinking, although that happens too, but more as a standing date with friends. It's one little way we show each other that we value our friendship and want to make time to get together to laugh and share, catch up with one another, and yes... even have a little drinky~winky. Today there will be five friends from all over So Cal sharing various parts of the day together, and I am wildly thankful for their friendship!

*The piece above was made by me in Michael deMeng's workshop at Art-Is in Petaluma last month.

Sunday, September 30

Mission San Miguel Arcangel

A couple of weeks ago Connie and I took a little road trip up to Art Is in Petaluma, and along the way we took a slight detour. We'd both talked of wanting to stop at the San Miguel Mission before, but neither one of us had. We had no idea what we'd been missing! Before checking out the mission itself we got lost in the religious art the gift shop held. Then we stopped in the courtyard and talked to one of the Friars who lives at the mission; what a happy soul! We were completely enjoying our visit and hadn't even seen the best part of it... 
The Church! It was/is one of the most beautiful churches I've ever been in.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves, though my skills as well as my little point-and-shoot, are no match for the beauty of this centuries old part of California history. If you ever find yourself on 101 North past Paso Robles, make the stop; I promise it'll be worth it!

**I hope you'll forgive me for having been away from my blog for so long... I promise to try and be a better blogger now that summer has settled down. 

Sunday, July 8

busy hands = a happy heart

A couple of months ago I took a leap of faith and signed up for a class I have thought about taking for more than 30 years. I signed up for a pottery workshop.
Yep, I said it... pottery;
with all it's funky 70's cat bowls and planters happiness. It's something I've always thought would be a ton of fun to do. But the thought of what I'd make held me back.
While I love to play in lots of different mediums, the last thing I need is to start anything else. There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do, not to mention how the costs add up. Then I discovered Vanessa's work. I love how inspiration works; the thought of (or vision of) something beautiful gives me the courage to move forward, come what may. I have to say I'm so happy I finally took a class, and I'm thrilled with my little lace plates as too!

Something else that inspired me was Anna's work. For the past few weeks I've been working on a bright new summer quilt. I'm nowhere near finished with the hand quilting, and a few of my rows are a little off center, but I'm looking forward to napping on the hammock under this once it's done. Fortunately our summers haven't been crazy hot for the past couple of years!

I've also played a little with making mercury glass,
and resin paper,

and I'm still painting.

Like I said, so many things I want to try, play with, and discover!
So that's what I've been up to. I hope you your summer is off to a great start,
and I hope your hands are busy and your heart is happy!

Sunday, June 17

Paint, paper, pencils & water...

I've shared here before that I love painting, or at least the idea of it. Last year I took a painting workshop with Flora, and loved exploring acrylic paints under her gentle guidance. But my first love with paint began with watercolors. Years ago, at a friends encouragement, I took a class with an amazing watercolor artist at a local college and loved the class as well as all I learned. Watercolors are a much easier paint to manipulate, perhaps because I draw and am able to move the watercolor brush much in the same manner as when I draw. What I'm realizing, is that anyone can paint, or at least learn the techniques enough to produce something gratifying. Trust me, I'm not saying everyone is a fine artist in painting or that one can be. However, it is a fun, easy medium to play with, and play is what I like best!

After discovering Jane Lafazio and following her blog, I've picked up my watercolors colors once again. Jane's got several great tiny tutorials on her blog, and she's inspired me to start a daily practice of painting at least one thing. One of Jane's mentors has been the wildly-talented Danny Gregory. Danny's produced a series of films that are really fun to watch. Go check him and his blog out; if you love painting, or the idea of it, you won't be sorry you did!

Wednesday, June 13

Fun links and Good Finds via Pinterest

I have to admit I love the quick links and great finds I discover via Pinterest. It's fast and easy, and isn't the time vacuum the internet in general can be. Here are a few recent favorites...
I'm definitely making a batch of these to keep in the freezer this summer. Thanks for keeping it quick and easy Kris!

I think I'll try making this great pastel cake for a picnic this weekend. You can find this link here. I wonder if it will work with cupcakes?

I love the look of these DIY quote boards, even though they've been around for a while. Amy has a fun tutorial for making them posted here.

And finally I think I'll make this with our grandson from momentos from our recent vacation. The first day of summer vacation starts tomorrow! Wow, already?

Friday, May 4

photos from my week...

Cedros Ave, Solano Beach

Wouldn't the lipstick plant above look great in one of the planters below?

Can you believe this lies in the heart of Orange County?
The minute you begin to do
what you really want to do,
it's really a different kind of life.

R Buckminster Fuller

Take the time to do what you really want to do, and create a life you love!

Saturday, April 21

the lone bunny...

I can hardly believe we are sneaking up on May! Easter has come and gone, Spring Break is but a memory, and summer is just around the corner. I don't mean to rush the seasons by any means. In fact if I'm not here very often it's because I am out enjoying this beautiful time of year. Tomorrow I'm taking a coastal drive towards San Diego... I'm going to charge up my camera now so I can at least share a few pictures.

I hope you're all taking advantage of Spring and doing something fun!

Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter Sunday. I hope you're day is filled with all the things that bring you joy!
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