Wednesday, January 4

Looking forward...

I'm typically not one to make new years resolutions but I do reflect on where I've been and look forward and think about where I want to be. For the past several years I've played more with art then had any real goals in mind concerning it. And that has suited me just fine.
But with the turning of the calendar this year, I've decided to focus more on art; specifically my own art and what I want to do with it. And so to that end I also hope to make better use of my blog which has been neglected for far too long (it's a wonder I have any readers left. I think of this more as a personal diary I keep for myself which is why I turned off comments). Writing here reminds me of the writing I did when I was younger, when I'd put out into the great big beyond all my thoughts, and inner most secrets I shared with no one. Fear not; this won't become one big TMI blog (who wants to read all that crap?)! Besides that what my journals are for. Ok, here's a secret I'll let you in on...
I don't keep a regular diary or journal that I write in. I love creating and playing in art journals, but I don't write in them... until I'm upset. That's when I unleash all my pent-up frustrations and write with a vengeance! The regretful side is that then I've basically destroy my beloved books. Several years ago I really let loose on my favorite book at the time. Afterwards I was so shocked at my ability to forget myself and just purge my anger into that poor, little, sweet book. I kept it and have learned that it served a purpose. So now though I still only tend to write when I'm working out an issue, I'm more mindful to write in a notebook that I don't mind burning afterwards.
So there you have it. A new year, a new focus. To those of you who continue to stop by... thank you; who knows this might get interesting!

Happy New Year!

*since this is my blog/diary I'll write in it using poor grammer and punctuation as I like. Back away all of you with your red sharpie's intent on correcting the rest of us!
**all images courtesy of The Graphics Fairy
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