Sunday, June 17

Paint, paper, pencils & water...

I've shared here before that I love painting, or at least the idea of it. Last year I took a painting workshop with Flora, and loved exploring acrylic paints under her gentle guidance. But my first love with paint began with watercolors. Years ago, at a friends encouragement, I took a class with an amazing watercolor artist at a local college and loved the class as well as all I learned. Watercolors are a much easier paint to manipulate, perhaps because I draw and am able to move the watercolor brush much in the same manner as when I draw. What I'm realizing, is that anyone can paint, or at least learn the techniques enough to produce something gratifying. Trust me, I'm not saying everyone is a fine artist in painting or that one can be. However, it is a fun, easy medium to play with, and play is what I like best!

After discovering Jane Lafazio and following her blog, I've picked up my watercolors colors once again. Jane's got several great tiny tutorials on her blog, and she's inspired me to start a daily practice of painting at least one thing. One of Jane's mentors has been the wildly-talented Danny Gregory. Danny's produced a series of films that are really fun to watch. Go check him and his blog out; if you love painting, or the idea of it, you won't be sorry you did!
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