Sunday, September 30

Mission San Miguel Arcangel

A couple of weeks ago Connie and I took a little road trip up to Art Is in Petaluma, and along the way we took a slight detour. We'd both talked of wanting to stop at the San Miguel Mission before, but neither one of us had. We had no idea what we'd been missing! Before checking out the mission itself we got lost in the religious art the gift shop held. Then we stopped in the courtyard and talked to one of the Friars who lives at the mission; what a happy soul! We were completely enjoying our visit and hadn't even seen the best part of it... 
The Church! It was/is one of the most beautiful churches I've ever been in.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves, though my skills as well as my little point-and-shoot, are no match for the beauty of this centuries old part of California history. If you ever find yourself on 101 North past Paso Robles, make the stop; I promise it'll be worth it!

**I hope you'll forgive me for having been away from my blog for so long... I promise to try and be a better blogger now that summer has settled down. 
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