Thursday, November 1


When I've been gone from my blog as long as I have been, I struggle with where to begin. And so... I'll just start. My intension is to post something I'm thankful for every day this month in anticipation and honor of Thanksgiving. Hopefully that will kickstart regular posts as a way to record where I've been, where I'm going, and what's currently filling my days.
Today I'm thankful for Girls Night Out. Every Thursday for the past five years I've gotten together with girlfriends. Not so much as a traditional night of drinking, although that happens too, but more as a standing date with friends. It's one little way we show each other that we value our friendship and want to make time to get together to laugh and share, catch up with one another, and yes... even have a little drinky~winky. Today there will be five friends from all over So Cal sharing various parts of the day together, and I am wildly thankful for their friendship!

*The piece above was made by me in Michael deMeng's workshop at Art-Is in Petaluma last month.

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