Sunday, December 2

Thankfully looking forward

Well, I wasn't as successful at posting everyday in November as I had hoped to be, but I'm glad I challenged myself just the same! My goal was to be a more regular blogger, and I guess in some small way I did that.
I just read about Ali Edwards December Daily concept here, and think I may give that a try. I haven't completely read the details... but I like the idea of taking a-photo-a-day to capture in pictures my month of December 2012. I think it's something doable, and that it would be a fun way to record what my days look like right now. That being said, here is a snap from yesterday, December 1st.
I had three of my girlfriends over for a little Christmas cheer, a yummy lunch and a creative playdate! I love these women and the friendship we share, as well as our love of all things art related. The above are the personalized Christmas ornaments we made. Because of the antique, red, embroidered sash I had for us to cut up, we all managed to look like we were dressed for a parade as one of the girls said. It was a crazy great day, and I'm so glad we could be together! So... that's how I spent the first day of December. Here's hoping I can get the memories into a book pronto!
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