Tuesday, March 27

waiting for my muse...

I am so long overdo in finishing this project... I typically don't mind waiting for a something to come together. I'm use to being obsessed with an idea; spending hours upon hours getting things just where I want them, filling days and sometimes weeks with one project on my mind. Then one day I wake and my attention has turned to something else; another shiny object catches my eye and I've suddenly dropped my last project midstream. I don't normally mind, I know that's a side of me and I accept it. But oh, I hate that this has happened to this beloved project because I started it with a friend. Forgive me, and know I'm just waiting for my muse to come back and play... she'll be here soon. I just know she will!

Thursday, March 15

Let's make something...

I'm not sure if you've seen the glittered, plastic Easter eggs at Target, but I just discovered them this morning. I feel in love fast and hard, and into my basket they went! But as I walked the rest of the store admiring the eggs, I realized that while I love the idea of the glitter, I wasn't in love the rainbow of color the eggs came in. I'd rather my eggs were monochromatic (it's a little odd but I don't like color or patterns in our house. I think it's that my mind is always going and I find it hard to quiet myself at the end of the day when there is too much going on visually. TMI? Sorry about that; back to our egg project).
So, I reluctantly walked my eggs back to their proper isle and hesitantly put them back. Then I noticed at the bottom of a box there were plain plastic eggs in coordinating shades of blue and green. I grabbed the eggs in two sizes and decided I'd glitter my own.
Without anymore blathering, here's what I did...
1. Gather Martha Stewart glitter (it doesn't contain glass, which is great since these will be handled and I don't want any accidents), Tacky Glue, a small paint brush, and a couple of paper plates.
2. Pull the plastic eggs apart, so you have two pieces.
3. Stream a bit of Tacky Glue onto one half of the egg.
4. Spread the glue evenly with your paintbrush.
5. Open the glitter to the shaker setting, sprinkle onto the glued egg. Work over a paper plate.
Hold your egg carefully in one area, and you'll only have the smallest area to fill in once the eggs are completely dry.
6. Set the eggs glitter side up onto the paper plate to dry.
Wasn't that quick and easy? Thanks for a great idea Target!
Now I'm off to Michaels for more Martha glitter. Hippity~Hop!

*Please note that these are not meant for young children, but are for decorative purposes only.
** You'll also note I work on my washer as a south facing window is just above it. Let the sun shine!

Tuesday, March 6

One thing leads to another....

I started playing with jewelry and wound up embellishing a recent project. I've admired Sally Jean's crowns for a long time and was happy to sign up for her online class last month. Inspiration from one thing, often leads to another with me!

Friday, March 2


Looking at beautiful things is always inspiring. I hope to get in a little jewelry play time this weekend!
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