Thursday, December 13

Beautiful & Easy... just what I was hoping for!

They say it's the most wonderful time of the year, and I completely agree! I love gift giving and the gifts I love to give most are homemade, thoughtful, and beautiful. These forced paperwhites are just the ticket to my way of thinking. They are easy to put together, don't cost much, and I don't know anyone who wouldn't be happy to receive these. Let's get started...
 I picked up vases at my local thrift shop for a couple of dollars, grabbed three bags of rocks at the Dollar Store, and bought paperwhite bulbs at Armstrongs Garden Center.
Once home I put the few items needed out. Start by placing about 3 inches of stones in the bottom of each vase so that they sat fairly evenly. I find the height of tall vases helps to support the tall stalks of the paperwhites. Arranged the bulbs so that they have good contact with the stones, root side down obviously {{wink}}. 
 While their little shoots are a bit askew in the beginning, they will quickly straighten themselves out as they start to grow and reach for the sun.
 You'll want to keep the water level so that it just touches the root base of the bulbs. Kids especially love watching the roots grow and wrap around the pebbles. Be sure and use clear glass that allows you to monitor the water level, as you need the water to hit the root base, but do not want your bulbs covered in water or you'll risk them rotting. All that's left is to place these in a sunny window. Don't forget to check the water level each day; they'll get really thirsty once they take off.
Here are a few I've started for family, and two that I started for us just three weeks ago. They'll get their bows before I gave them away. That tall girl is 32" tall and smells divine! The smaller one was started the same day, and is a petite one... but I don't mind. I hope you'll try forcing bulbs if you haven't done it before. They are beautiful and now you see how easy they are to create and give!

Friday, December 7


If you're local to southern California I hope to see you at Gilding the Lily for our Holiday Celebration. We'll have all new jewelry kits, ornament kits, and you can even try your hand at Silver Art Clay with Cindy Gonzales right on the spot! As expected Lily looks stunning dressed in her holiday best!
Hope to see you there!

Gilding the Lily. 305 N Harbor Blvd, Ste 101. Fullerton, CA.

Sunday, December 2

Thankfully looking forward

Well, I wasn't as successful at posting everyday in November as I had hoped to be, but I'm glad I challenged myself just the same! My goal was to be a more regular blogger, and I guess in some small way I did that.
I just read about Ali Edwards December Daily concept here, and think I may give that a try. I haven't completely read the details... but I like the idea of taking a-photo-a-day to capture in pictures my month of December 2012. I think it's something doable, and that it would be a fun way to record what my days look like right now. That being said, here is a snap from yesterday, December 1st.
I had three of my girlfriends over for a little Christmas cheer, a yummy lunch and a creative playdate! I love these women and the friendship we share, as well as our love of all things art related. The above are the personalized Christmas ornaments we made. Because of the antique, red, embroidered sash I had for us to cut up, we all managed to look like we were dressed for a parade as one of the girls said. It was a crazy great day, and I'm so glad we could be together! So... that's how I spent the first day of December. Here's hoping I can get the memories into a book pronto!
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