Monday, January 21

A New Year, A New Art Room...

I'm not quite sure what's gotten into my husband, but I'm sure enjoying the benefits! Over the weekend he decided he wanted to refinish/paint my art room floor for me. He even brought in help to clear the space out this morning. Here's what it looked like 2 hours ago...
In the spirit of honestly, I didn't bother to move the boxes that have collected before snapping away.

I'm not quite sure how this room will evolve as we get it back together later this week. But here's what it looked like emptied of all the stuff I've gathered and collected. My son would rather we turn this into a guest room, or game room... Ha! And my husband told the guy helping us move, that everything was for sale. At least he didn't say they could put it in the trash!
 You know how everything gets worse before it gets better? Well here's the worse... my bedroom now looks like this. 45 minutes was all it took to empty the room, and create a big mess in my bedroom where are the smalls wound up. The garage isn't looking too hot right now either!

I guess as Mr Warren is taking care of the floor, I'll be organizing and hopefully purging a bit of this. Anyone care to join me for the big clean up? I sure could use some help!
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