Friday, February 15

Let's make something!

Ever since I was in high school I've been making books. I started by turning record album covers into book covers, as well as using my old Pee Chee folders from school. I doodled the covers, collaged magazine clippings, and signed my name over and over again, replacing my last name with that of my high school boyfriend! Memories. I'll have to pull out my old high school box and find those one day.
After all these years, I'm still making books. Let me show you how I've been doing it for almost 10 years... it's super easy, and you can make these in a jiffy!
Pick up books from the discard pile at the library.
Look for books where the signatures pull away from the spine, as shown above.
While holding the book pages as in the 2nd photo, wiggle and pull the pages out as a whole. Trust me, it's super easy as long as the pages aren't glued to the spine. They'll come out like butter!
Sometimes I cover the book ends with decorative paper, sometimes not; it just depends on the condition of the book ends. I use masking tape, or washi to finish the spine. I do this for decorative purposes as well as to add strength to the spine.
I typically make three signatures of three papers each. You can use cardstock, watercolor paper, or anything you like. Measure your papers so that they are about 1/4" shorter on all sides, than your book cover, fold in half and punch two holes through the paper, one at the top and one at the bottom.
Punch corresponding holes through the spine of your book.
You'll have 3 signatures made up of three sheets of paper, folded in half. Above you can see that I've taken seam binding threaded it through one signature, and then threaded the seam binding through the book covers, working from the inside of the book to the outside. The signatures are tied next to each other, as opposed to on top of each other. See them side by side in the photo above?
Here's what the spine will look like... tie each signature separately to the outside of the book. I tend to tie mine at the top of the spine.
Lastly embellish as you like!

Last week I made the books above for my girlfriends for our Valentine's Day exchange, and unfortunately I didn't get full photos of the front covers once I was done. But you guys are talented and smart, I'm sure you know how to decorate a simple book. 
Just a little something from me to you! Happy Friday, and happy creating!

Friday, February 1

Everything old is new again!

I'm not sure if that actually applies to this situation, but I sure feel like it does. Last weeks big floor makeover has my room feeling so much brighter, and that's always a good thing when making art! Basically the only real change is that I decide to float the desk where the suns light would shine in onto my desk. Here's the rest of the room....

Everyone have a fabulous Friday! Go do something fun... make art, call someone dear to you, or get together with fun friends!
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