Sunday, April 14

dyeing with friends

 For the past couple of years I've gathered with a few friends for little explorations in arts & crafts of sorts. It's the perfect way to get together regularly and it's fun to share the things we love the most... making stuff! Unfortunately Connie couldn't be with us, and we all missed her. But don't worry Connie, we made four of most everything, so you didn't miss out completely.
We had decided to eco dye fabric, so with a kiss for good luck we got started....
The indigo is amazing. In the pot it's yellow but, as the air hits the fabric once it's removed, it turns a beautiful blue right before your eyes. Such fun to watch happen over and over!
 We rolled onion skins, red cabbage, and eucalyptus bundles to create printed fabric. These are really reliable produces of color, but we had a bit of trouble with the wind trying to carry away our tissue-lite onion skins.
 We also used turmeric which we later over dyed with avocado as it's sunshine yellow was a little too bright for us.
 All in all dyeing is so much fun, and we each created fabrics in shades of blue, green, purple, yellow, grey, and rust. I'm sure we'll do this again as it is really easy and a great way to play. If any of you have thought of doing this, go for it! There's a ton of info online and lots of good books on the subject.
Thanks Cindy for spoiling us rotten with not only your inviting, happy home, and all the prep you did, but also with such yummy, homemade goodness to top it all off with! Oh, and those snappy, little featherweights you sent Pearl and I home with weren't bad either! xoxo

Monday, April 8

Joanna Pierotti comes to teach & play

 I had a great weekend with JoAnna Pierotti, as she came to Gilding the Lily to teach her Olde Soul Dolls and then stayed to play for a few days. For years I have loved JoAnna's dolls and I was so glad she came to share them with a great group of fun, friendly women that gathered on Brookdale to learn from her.

 Thanks to Robin, Kim, Glenda, Tina, Dawn, Josie, Ada & Sylvia for supporting our classes. But an even bigger thanks for being such fun, giving, sharing, genuine souls; it makes for such a nice day! And a special thanks to JoAnna for sharing her dolls and talent with us!

Tuesday, April 2

Finding my balance...

I've been gone far too long to play catch up... and so I won't. Suffice it to say I have been happily busy with this little one for the past 6 weeks. We spent two days a week together and I wouldn't have it any other way. But admittedly... I am still finding my balance. Hopefully we won't be so long between posts. 
You can't imagine how I contemplated bathing her in the sink. One thing I haven't forgotten is how slippery littles ones can be!
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