Tuesday, August 6

How I've Spent My Summer

 If it's true that time flies when you're having fun, then I've been having a ball! I can hardly believe it's August and that summer will be over before I know it. This is my favorite season and I'm hanging onto it with all my might. 
I've been home a lot this summer which is just fine with me. I love our little house and it really is my favorite place to be...
 besides that, I haven't been alone.
 I've spent most of the past couple of months with these two and while it was a bit overwhelming in the beginning, it really is like riding a bike. I've found my balance and am able to get around fairly easily with two of my favorite little people. I'm sure once school and child care starts again, I'll miss them like crazy!
 I've indulged in a bit of this little treat made by friends...
which somedays makes me look and feel like this. 
All and all it's been a great summer filled with camping at the lake, a trip to Colorado, days at Disneyland, days spent at the beach, frozen banana's, a bit of crafting, and lots of memories being made, life being lived, and good times being had. 

I hope it's been great summefor you as well!
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