Monday, November 25

I don't think I seen anything I love more than these women and their fabulous attitudes!

I've been fortunate to have fabulous women in my life. Women that are strong, admirable, loving, kind and unique. This video features just such women, and I am completely inspired by their perspective on life. May I grow to be more like them!

Saturday, November 9

Inspired to create...

So far today I've cut out a quilt, painted, and now I'm inspired to these beautiful crochet snowflake ornaments for our tree.
I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew. Come on girls, who's with me? Let's try these!

Tuesday, November 5

the Art of...

I just happened onto a great new series, the Art of... by Ovation. Here's a link so you can find it in your area. This is my kind of TV!
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