Tuesday, November 18

A little inspiration....

This year has just flown by for me, and perhaps for you as well. I guess that means we're having fun! Though the calendar says it's been fall for over a month now, our So Cal weather has really just started to cool. So I'm a bit behind in getting ready for the holidays. In not wanting to bypass Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas, I thought I'd share a bit of internet inspiration to add to your Fall home... Enjoy!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good times, laughter, family & friends, and all the things that make you happy!

Friday, September 5

Teaching in Petaluma

In a few short week Connie and I are hitting to road and heading to northern California, Petaluma to be exact. Anne has graciously invited us to teach our Jewelry 101 class, and we are happy to do it. Anne recently opened a shop in downtown Petaluma where she'll be hosting creative workshops, Mason Folie ~ A Creative Atelier. Not only do we get to teach all the ins and outs of jewelry making and design, but we'll be bringing a mini truck show worth of goodness from Gilding the Lily!
Connie has a great eye for jewelry design so for those of you who've been collecting new and vintage jewelry, you're going to love having her share her techniques, and help you design a few special pieces. I'll teach you the various methods for attaching everything once you've laid it out. We will wire wrap (it really is very easy, I promise!), string beads and gemstones, learn to alter those found pieces you've been collecting, and lots more. We'll even be creating several different handcrafted chains. It's going to be a full day for sure. Then three of us (and any students who care to join us) will head to the Alameda Flea Market on Sunday. The weather should be perfect as the bay area in October tends to be less foggy, and the days are typically clear giving you views amazing. I'm so looking forward to this!

Connie, Anne and I would love to have you join us. Here's a link to the class info for those of you interested.

Saturday, June 7

Boho Bracelet Crazy!

I am loving the look of Boho style jewelry this spring and summer. I've been thinking about making stackable bracelets for months. While I could go easily go out and buy a few, I'd rather make them with beads I have, in colors I love. I knew these would be easy but I still needed some direction, so my go to place for learning... you got it, You Tube. It's such a great source for creative learning. Here are a few of the videos I found if you want to make a few of these yourself.

I'll be back soon to share what I make....

Saturday, May 31

Mark Ryden exhibit in Los Angeles

I discovered this amazing artist via another creative friend, and now I'm looking forward to seeing this in person! I've posted the info below for those of you locals who might like to see this in person as well.

Kohn Gallery announces the inaugural exhibition of its new, expansive 12,000-square foot space: new work by Los Angeles-based, Pop-Surrealist artist Mark Ryden. Mark Ryden, The Gay 90s: West will be on view at the new Kohn Gallery, 1227 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038, from May 3 through June 28, 2014.

Sunday, April 6


Don't take my advise, over 3.5 million people have taken in the wonder of this amazing work by Louie Schwartzberg.

Thursday, April 3


It's always better to learn beside friends, that which you could do alone. And I find that I would rather stitch beside those who inspire, cheer on, and applaud each of our efforts (not to mention giving me complete direction as a novice). Each one brings something to the others, and together we learn a medium we might otherwise never try. Here's to opening new doors and discovering what might be.

Tuesday, April 1

Nest & Nurture...

We recently discovered a hummingbird had built her nest in our backyard. It's the third time in the last  several years that these curious little guys have chosen our yard to expand their families. The nest, about the size of an egg, sat precariously where two extension cords came together under our patio. The babies were about a week old when the nest fell from it's perch, unbeknown to us. I over heard the mama bird in a panic one morning, and discovered the collapsed nest and two of the tiniest birds in a small heap on the ground. A quick search online, lead me to local bird heroine Jean who walked me through the steps of assembling a new home base, securing it to it's previous spot or close to it, and then uprighting the babies and their nest, settling them into the new and improved home. It was quiet harrowing especially given the size of my hands, and the minuscule size of the birds (not to mention my own baby bird Ruby toddling along side me the whole way). I'm happy to report that after about 5 days we were delighted to see the babies growing and well as pictured above, another 5 days and they were gone. What a joy it was to see these little ones into the big, wide world; the cycle of life never ceases to amaze me! I hope wonderous things are happening wherever you are.
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