Friday, September 5

Teaching in Petaluma

In a few short week Connie and I are hitting to road and heading to northern California, Petaluma to be exact. Anne has graciously invited us to teach our Jewelry 101 class, and we are happy to do it. Anne recently opened a shop in downtown Petaluma where she'll be hosting creative workshops, Mason Folie ~ A Creative Atelier. Not only do we get to teach all the ins and outs of jewelry making and design, but we'll be bringing a mini truck show worth of goodness from Gilding the Lily!
Connie has a great eye for jewelry design so for those of you who've been collecting new and vintage jewelry, you're going to love having her share her techniques, and help you design a few special pieces. I'll teach you the various methods for attaching everything once you've laid it out. We will wire wrap (it really is very easy, I promise!), string beads and gemstones, learn to alter those found pieces you've been collecting, and lots more. We'll even be creating several different handcrafted chains. It's going to be a full day for sure. Then three of us (and any students who care to join us) will head to the Alameda Flea Market on Sunday. The weather should be perfect as the bay area in October tends to be less foggy, and the days are typically clear giving you views amazing. I'm so looking forward to this!

Connie, Anne and I would love to have you join us. Here's a link to the class info for those of you interested.
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